Castle Dental Care Plan

For adults, dental care is provided privately but we continue to provide for the dental needs of our child patients under the NHS. All new patients joining our practice are asked to become a member of our Castle Dental Care Plan. We find our own scheme is an excellent way for our patients to be able to afford the best dental care at a reasonable cost and it works well for our patients. Consequently, all new patients to our practice will be asked to join our scheme following an initial course of private treatment to render them dentally fit, which will be charged for on a fee-per-item basis. Details of our scheme, monthly direct debit payments and the current private fees are available from our reception staff.

The fixed monthly sum helps you budget for regular, affordable, preventive dental care, without fear of costly and unexpected bills.

With the Castle Dental Care Plan, your monthly payments cover all your regular appointments at our dental practice, including root treatments, tooth-coloured fillings and all hygienist appointments.

Laboratory fees, cosmetic dentistry (including tooth whitening) and specialist referrals are the only aspects of your dental care not covered by this plan (these are standard exclusions UK wide) So, for example, the full cost of a private crown would be approximately £500.00, but under our scheme you would only pay the bill from the dental laboratory for actually constructing the crown which currently would be £90.00 – £200.00, depending on the type of crown.

Our Plan provides all our patients with the peace of mind that should you suffer a dental accident or have an emergency outside normal surgery hours and cannot contact your dentist, Our Care plan has a number you can call twenty-four hours a day from anywhere in the world and they ensure that help will be at hand. It includes an Insurance Policy for Accidents and Emergencies, with optional Implant Cover

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